Why a carport is a great alternative to a garage

When you live in Queensland, having somewhere to park and protect your vehicle from the harsh Queensland weather is essential. Whether it be rain, hail or sun, all can contribute to the long term wear and tear of your vehicle.

Carports are becoming an increasingly popular option for Queenslanders looking for protection for their vehicles. There are a few reasons for this; 

  • Affordability: They require less materials than a garage, so are a more affordable option.
  • Flexibility: Carports can be easily moved or dismantled if you need to, unlike a garage which is a more permanent structure. 
  • Easier to build: They are a simple structure and therefore quicker, and easier to erect than a garage. 
  • Airflow: Unlike a garage, a carport protects your vehicle from weather while still allowing airflow, which can prevent your vehicle from overheating during Summer months.
  • Aesthetics: Carports can be designed to complement the look of your home.

There are 3 basic elements to a carport.  

  1. The roof: This can be a flat, gabled or hipped roof and is generally made of steel.
  2. The posts: These can be made from wood, steel or concrete. 
  3. The Flooring: Carports can be built on a concrete slab or you can simply opt for a gravel base.

When considering a carport there are a few things you need to take into account. 

The size of your vehicle: You need to make sure the carport you choose is big enough to fit your vehicle/s with room to spare for getting in and out easily. 

The height: Carports come in a range of heights, from standard single carport heights, right up to triple carport heights. Consider how much height clearance you need for your vehicle, boat or caravan.

The slope of your roof: Carports can be built with a flat, gabled or hipped roof. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, then you might want to consider a gabled carport as they offer better protection against the elements. If you’re after a carport that will double as an outdoor entertaining area, then a hipped roof carport might be the better option as they provide more headroom.

The positioning of your carport:  Carports can be attached to your home or freestanding. If you choose to attach it to your home, then consider the height of your eaves.

A carport can add value to your property and help increase the longevity of your vehicle. So if you are considering a carport, but are not sure where to start, contact the team at Signature Outdoor Living to help you design the perfect carport for your property. We offer a range of DIY carport kits that can be purchased via our ebay store, or let our team of professionals design and build a custom carport to suit your needs. Contact us today for a free quote on (07) 5371 0278.