The top 3 considerations when choosing the right patio for you

Selecting the right patio for your home is not always as easy as it would first seem.

The top 3 considerations that you will need to look at when organising a new patio.

1. The size of the new patio

Consideration needs to be given to the area you want covered by your new patio. Taking into account outdoor furniture, BBQ etc is very important as you don’t want to find that the patio furniture you have purchased does not fit under your new patio. You will also need to take into account boundaries if you are looking at building next to the fence line.

2. Design of your new patio
Choosing the right patio design is paramount, not only for the overall look but how it will flow and function with your home. The design of the patio can add height, privacy from neighbors and add a functional space that will extend your home to the outside. Selecting the right design is not always straight forward and that’s were Signature Sheds, Carports and Patios comes in and helps look at design options for you. Custom design patios are increasing in popularity due to the odd shaped blocks, limited space or unique style of homes that traditional designs of patios do not suit.

3. Considering the elements

Consider the airflow under the patio, a gabled roof will offer more space for air to move, and hot air to rise. Resulting in a cooler more comfortable space. The pitch of your patio roof helps play a part in deflecting water from the area underneath. It may be helpful to take note of the wind and rain direction in your area, so you can choose the best option to give you maximum weather protection. Don’t forget about light, an option is to insert clear panels that allow some natural light through. Keeping that summer heat out is instrumental in enjoying your outdoor space in summer. We recommend the use of insulated panels which provide the ultimate heat protection in the summer.

By choosing a patio from Signature Outdoor Living, you will be relaxing and entertaining in an area designed to complement your home, and protect you from the elements. Contact us to organise an obligation free quote and let us help create your masterpiece.