Light up your patio

Patio lighting can be used to complement your patio’s design and also to create an inviting atmosphere, whether you’re entertaining or relaxing at home. There are two types of lighting you can use for outdoor spaces, functional or ambient. We suggest using a mix of both. Functional lighting allows you to light up key areas whilst ambient lighting, is used to create atmosphere.

Functional Lighting

Once you have planned where your furniture and BBQ will be positioned on your patio, you will be able to determine the key areas that need to be lit. These are generally spaces such as BBQ or prep area, dining table or bar.

The most popular type of functional lighting is a downlight as they are easily directed to where light is required. We suggest using LED bulbs – as they consume less energy than a traditional bulb. By adding a dimmer switch to your lights you can adjust the brightness of the lights depending on the scenario.

Ambient Lighting

Adding an extra layer of ambient lighting is a great way to make your patio or deck feel like a tropical escape. Up lights are a great way to illuminate key elements or landscaping. They can be used in your garden, on columns, posts or decking.
The light thrown from up lighting is shorter in nature making them ideal for creating ambience without being too distracting.

Another popular option is wall mounted lights. This kind of light offers directional up or down lighting onto your wall leaving beautiful shadows and a soft lighting effect.

Finally, if you are planning on entertaining guests and are looking for a simple yet effective way to create a festive atmosphere, consider hanging string lights. These are easy to install and remove and can also be solar powered.

So whether you are looking to add lighting to your existing patio or considering installing a brand new patio with the lot, the team at Signature Outdoor Living can help. Our friendly and professional team can offer advice, design options and of course quotes on supply and install of Patios, Verandas, Sheds, Carports and more. You can check out our recent blog – Patios and Verandas 101 for more options or contact us on (07) 5371 0278.