Our top 5 outdoor seating ideas for a comfy and functional outdoor area

With summer just around the corner, us Aussies will soon be spending many sun-kissed days on the patio, with friends, around the pool, cooking up barbeques.

Having ample amounts of places to seat family and friends is favourable to the Sunshine Coast way of living and, as we can spend hours out there, you want the space to be comfortable and functional.

Your outdoor area should feel like an extension of what is inside your home, so you should plan and style according to this. If you are looking for ideas for your outdoor area, we have put together our top 5 outdoor seating choices to help you decide what will make the best and comfiest space possible in your Sunshine Coast home.

Hanging chair

Hanging chairs are stylish and super affordable. As well as not taking up too much room, they instantly elevate your outdoor space. They are fun for the kids and take adults back to their younger days.

Outdoor dining setting

Including hard surfaces to your outdoor area is super important for eating and food prep. Balancing a plate on your lap or cutting food on a paper plate is no fun, so a dining table with chairs and cushions for comfort would be a perfect addition.


Day beds create a luxurious, resort-like feel to your home. If you have the space, adding an affordable daybed to your outdoor space can help you get into full relaxation mode.

Bench seating against the walls

An easy way to save space and add comfort is to build in some bench seating against the walls of your space. These benches are perfect for the kids to prop up on as well.

Stylish pool chairs

Modern pool seating such as rattan bean bags take up less space than a banana lounge, add a lovely texture, and are stylish and comfortable.


If you need help getting started on your Sunshine Coast patio and dream entertainment area, get in contact with us today!