Perks of having an outdoor shower on the Sunshine Coast

As well as a ‘cool’ addition to your space, an outdoor shower has a surprising number of benefits for your Sunshine Coast home. 

We’ve put together our top 6 reasons: 

You can wash off the kids without dragging dirt inside 

Kids have a way of getting dirt everywhere very quickly! An outdoor shower is a simple solution to make sure dirt stays outside where it should be. 

It keeps the dogs clean

An outdoor shower is a much easier way to regularly wash your dog rather than lifting them into a bathtub and potentially slipping and sliding the whole time. 

You can create a beach-like feel to your home 

Exactly like stepping out of the ocean and cooling off under a freshwater shower, an outdoor shower makes your home feel like the perfect piece of Sunshine Coast paradise. 

It’s easier to  clean yourself off after gardening 

Having access to an outdoor shower means you can save yourself the dirty kitchen or laundry sink when you wash your dirty gardening hands inside. 

It helps you cool off on a hot summer day 

Ahh, there’s not much that can beat cold shower when you’ve spent a few sweaty hours in the steamy sun. An outdoor shower is the perfect component to cool you down and make you feel refreshed again. 

No aircon? No worries 

If your home doesn’t have air conditioning and you’ve been stuck inside all daystepping under an outdoor shower is a quick way to cool down and clean off while still enjoying the outdoors.

As well as being an enjoyable addition to the home for parents, kids and pets, installing an outdoor shower can also increase the value of your home. 

If you’re thinking of adding an outdoor shower to your home or want to know more, reach out to us and let’s chat about your idea!