Upgrade your pool area with a patio or deck

Summer is just around the corner! A perfect time to spend your weekends and holidays on the Sunshine
Coast entertaining and spending time with family and friends by the pool. Maximise the potential of your
outdoor area and upgrade your pool area with a patio or deck, so you can soak up the sun, relax and have
fun in your perfect outdoor oasis!

Maximise your space with a patio
A great way to make the most of the existing space at your home is by installing a patio in your outdoor
area. If you’re looking to sell your home, this is a great way to add value by creating an outdoor space that
can be used all year round and provide hours of enjoyment. The inclusion of a patio is a great option to
increase your living space and functionality and take advantage of the sub-tropical Sunshine Coast climate.
Increasing your space around the pool will allow you to accommodate more furniture and provide
additional space for your family and guests to enjoy. You may also look at installing some additional
features such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or outdoor bar area.

At Signature Outdoor Living we have an extensive range of patios that can be customised to suit your
individual requirements. We can arrange the installation or remove your current structure if required and
can even concrete your new entertainment area and patio. Or if you’d prefer, we can create a DIY kit
delivered to your door so you can build yourself; a great option to suit your specific requirements and

Upgrade your space with a deck
Having a well-maintained outdoor deck can boost your home’s appeal, increase the aesthetic look of your
pool area and increase the overall value of your property. A new deck also provides additional space for
relaxing and entertaining. A well-designed pool deck will complement the surrounding environment
providing a natural extension to your outdoor space. A pool deck may also assist to keep your pool clean,
reducing the amount of dirt and debris transferred into the pool.

Whether you need an old deck replaced or are looking to add an extension, we can assist by taking down
the existing structure or creating an entirely new deck area. There are many kinds of decking materials
available to choose from such as hardwoods, treated pine and composite decking. These options all have
different advantages such as being low maintenance, durable, highly resilient, affordable and
environmentally friendly, so the best option for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Are you ready to turn your outdoor pool area into a luxurious paradise? Whether you are wanting to
update your current outdoor area with a new patio or install a decking solution, we can help you create
the perfect outdoor space so it is much more useable and enjoyable, ready for summer!
Let Signature Outdoor Living help you to create your ideal outdoor space!