Your outdoor fire pit checklist

There is nothing quite like enjoying a crisp winter night in your own backyard while roasting marshmallows over an outdoor firepitwatching the flames dance as you chat the night away, or simply enjoying the warmth on your hands and face. 

As the weather gets chillierit’s time to start thinking about how you can update your backyard to make sure you and your family and friends can enjoy your outdoor entertainment area all-year round. 

Fire pits are one of the most budget-friendly outdoor heating options and can be the easiest to install, without compromising on aesthetics or function. 

There are many ways you can enjoy a backyard fire pit, especially if you have the right location, size, and design. Before you jump in and place one in your garden, consider the points below to ensure your fire pit suits your space. 


As fire pits generally can create quite a mess with their soot, it’s important to consider the clean-up and avoid it ruining your outdoor furniture and paving. To help with this, you can consider creating a bed of sand or gravel beneath your fire pit. 


As your fire pit will likely stay in position in your garden for the whole year, the style you choose should work with your landscape design. It pays to look for a style that will fit in with your garden landscape and ages nicely. 


Nature can help create a beautiful ambience to your outdoor area. Another nice addition is burning natural insect repellents by burning sage or rosemary. 


An ethanol fire pit is a great alternative if you are looking for the ambience of a fire but are limited by space or put off by the mess. They are portable and easy to move around the garden or onto your deck. 


Seating around the fire pit is an essential consideration. Portable seating gives you the option of changing the position of the firepit and allows for snuggling closer to the fire in cooler months, or further away when it’s a bit warmer or the fire is bigger. 

More than just an eye-catching addition, an outdoor fire pit will have you hosting the best winter parties or enjoying toasted marshmallows with the kids. 

A fire pit can make an incredible addition to your home. If you are interested in talking through your ideas, contact us today!